24 Sep 2014

Cut glass cruelty

Voices as un-tuned violin strings
Fists submerged in buckets of ground crystal
Cast iron necktie
A hundred pounds pulling on you
Screaming on the way down
Laughing in the face of the descent

All spaces deleted
And senses diminished
And repetition held in the
Highest regard
Praise the Lord

Poems like breathing out underwater
Voices like broken violins
Faces like the fronts of skyscrapers
Too much going on inside to
Really ever know the truth.

13 Aug 2014

Calm before the storm

It reminds me of Beethoven
(All of my references are from
pop culture)

And the wind cries
And I run a treadmill to nowhere
In the summer heat
Carry weights
But not too much

Then smoke a half cigarette
Down to the end
Scramble to find the right music
Struggle to make these lines
For why - I do not know

They don’t
So I forget my own rules
And sit in the dark
And flip a coin that lands on its edge
How I do not know
But it is no surprise

And today like every day
There’s war outside
Everywhere except in here
It seems

Though if you looked hard enough
I’m sure you could find it in here

23 Jul 2014

Heavy glasses

There are certain details in life
That need to be attended to regularly
Abstract rules that
Each person holds as truth
Quantum factors
In the cracks and corners of life
That maintain a secret order
Within and

Like only drinking liquor from a
Heavy bottomed glass
Wearing good shoes
Standing up straight
To always tell the truth
Or if you are to lie
To lie very
Very well

A great deal of care needs to be taken
To ensure you remain the person
You want to

3 Jul 2014

The dark

We had just passed the point of
Absolute laughter
Lying there and loving the entire world
While travelling at light-speed
And now

The bathroom floor was alive
I was on my hands and knees
Face inches from the open toilet basin
The glossed brown squares
Once marbled
Were now glass over a lava flow
It was organic and hypnotising
And beautiful and
I’d forgotten I went in there to piss

In the other room
My lady was in deep conversation
With the second largest of the two house plants
This didn’t last though
It clicked that I had been gone for
Over ten minutes and she didn’t know
So she embarked on the search
Finding me right away
(it was a small place)

We had taken… something
I was sure it was LSD but this one was
At that time
At that age in that place
It was all good
So neither of us cared about different
I guess it’s the same as now in
So many ways
Something is better than nothing

And even back then there were dark nights
Blinding white days
And the fight to purge yourself
Of one or the other
Because in the back of your mind
You knew
If you weren’t careful
Within the sound of a gunshot
It would be ten years later
And you would be there still
Sitting in the dark
Your heart still full of blood and love
Your eyes like coffee cups

Singing the same songs
Missing the same faces
Laughing at the same jokes
Ignoring the same voices
Watching planes fly away
Without you on

Doing the same

19 Jun 2014

One hundred years bc.

They pretend these scarlet memories are regret
Or a lament
They disguise them as passion or

How long it takes to remember these
Places and rhymes and broken hearts and broken bones
As they are stored
In small pockets or dusty corners
Every analogue moment erased by its digital opposite

Unless you write this shit down
It is cigarette smoke lost in a soft July kiss
Summer rain making fools of us

16 May 2014

The day will come when the poles reverse

The metal dynamo underneath us
Turning and turning until eventually
It happens

But they say we will all
Be gone by then
So what’s the difference

And this is before the sun decides
To give up the ghost
This is before the expansion snaps
And all our science breaks down

North will be south
And south will be north
And the creatures will lose their way
And the sky will dance
Over the city.

9 May 2014

Monsters in the bright day sunlight

Ages old                                                                                       
We are leant on
Ages old
We are pushed

And they speak in tongues and roar and
They speak truths and simplicity
And we are leant on
Kneeled upon

Can’t you see the truth?
How easy it can be -
How clean and simple?

Eyes shining
Clear of pain or desire
Clear of memory or disgust
Ages old
They have always been
It seems
Speaking at volume
In volumes
The right path to take

But their white eyes hold no disgrace
And so cannot fathom the bottles of liquor
Cannot compute the morning sunrise being a curse
When you never saw the night

Their ideals are far removed
From the drunken spitting reality of making it
From A to B and sometimes
Back again
But not always
They buried their own red buttons longs ago
No self-destruct option to be

So you learn to move fast
Speak faster
Walk in cracks and shadow to get by them
And their clean living paths to a clean living